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Welcome to Bigbrandwheels, your one stop shop for custom wheels at discount prices! At Bigbrandwheels, we carry all the major brand wheels and rims, such as, Akuza, Axis, Devino, DVinci, Diablo, DUB, Foose, KMC, MKW, Gianna and much more.     No matter you are looking for just wheels or rims packages, we have them with very competitive pricing ship right to your door! Give us a call at 866-621-0666 to order a set of rims package today!       
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big brand wheels about us

Prices are PER ITEM! Please add Quantity of 4 if you need A COMPLETE SET

About Us
Welcome to Big Brand Wheels

We are a family owned business that prides itself on excellent customer service.

Big Brand Wheels is a Company created to assist people on their quest for just the perfect wheels and tires. We know that Wheels and Tires are just another element in today’s people image and we are well aware of their importance in the daily feeling of success.

At Big Brand Wheels we don’t just sell wheels and tires, we assist people on finding what they want for their vehicle, we are the link between your vehicle and the perfect wheels for it, and of course for you.

Big Brand Wheels is a new option in internet stores, however we have more than 15 years of experience in retail stores selling wheels, tires and accessories in America, Europe and Asia.

Big Brand Wheels principles are:

QUALITY: All our Customers will find the highest quality in the market when they visit our site, Quality in Customer Service, Quality in our Products, Quality in our Website and above all, Quality in our People to match our Customers one.

LEADING PRODUCTS: Big Brand Wheels only carries state of the art, trendy, new, fashionable, and powerful products. If it’s new in the market we have it! All our Products are from companies with excellent reputation in the market that back up at all times and 100% their products, so we can give you a piece of mind when purchasing our products.

PRICES: We don’t sell cheap, we don’t sell ridiculously expensive, we just sell for the right competitive price in the market. We know that our Customers are well aware of the wheel and tire market; we don’t want to insult them with unreal prices.

SATISFACTION: Our best pay is the smile on our Customer’s faces when they see their vehicles with the wheels they bought, so that’s our goal from the first contact.

Our Mission is to make our Customers happy with the wheels and tires they want, and because of that if on a given time we don’t have what they are looking for, we will try our best to get it. So your smile is guaranteed.

Big Brand Wheels highlights:

Selection and Inventory
With over 60 lines of custom wheels to chose from, we have the best selection of custom rims brands from around the world. If you do not see a wheel you are looking for, we can get it for you. We can pretty much locate any wheel you desire. We also have a large selection of brand name tires at discount prices.

For over 15 years we have been providing the ease and economy of having tires and wheels shipped directly to your homes. Our sales team, one of the most knowledgeable in the industry, is sure to answer all of your inquiries. Just give them a call at (909) 980-0211. We are one of the most experienced wheel and tire companies in the nation and it is this expertise that allows us to satisfy our customers.

Exceptional Pricing
Big Brand Wheels offers you the newest and most popular custom wheels and tires at the most competitive prices on the net. Our Car Wheels, SUV Wheels and Truck Wheels are constantly updated to offer you quality products at huge savings.
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